Friday 24 May 2013

Graduation Theme Party Ideas

Your little one has grown up and is graduating from High School or College and you being the Proud Parents want to surprise him/her? Well then throwing a Graduation party for your child and his friends is a great idea. Celebrate their accomplishment & hard work by having the best party for them.

Planning a Graduation Party for College graduates can be a task for parents! But hey, don’t worry I am here to guide you through on how to host a fun filled Graduation Party for your Newly Graduation Son or daughter!

Let’s start with few things that you should keep in mind before planning your Graduation Party. If your child’s graduation ceremony is morning and you are hosting a party in the evening can be a good idea but then do consider if their friends and their families can also make it to Party. As everyone will be out their celebrating it with their family. The best time to host a Graduation Party is on a weekend when everyone can come and join the celebration. You can even ask your Son’s/Daughter’s Friends parents to pool in and have a joint party for the both of them-this will be an advantage for the guests as they won’t have to hop from one party to another. And also you can share the cost of the party and it will be more fun as guests can stay long at your party.

It’s always to inform your guests well in advance about your party! Send them invites 15 days before so that they can plan it well in advance. No, a call is not enough send them an Invitation Card so that they can save the Date.

Colorful or Plain Solid Color Invitation Cards-Pick Cards matching your other Party Decorations.


Get these colorful Graduation Balloon Bouquet to decorate your Garden. Available in various colors these bunch of foil balloons add some nice color to your party area. 


If you are getting some tables arranged to your guests, then decorate your Tables with these beautiful centerpieces. 


Don’t get into the fuss of cleaning your expensive crockery after the party. Instead opt in for Party Packs which come with plates, spoons, napkins making it easy for you to order the number you need and you are done! 

You can also opt for Hollywood Theme Party, Retro Theme Party or Hawaiian Theme Party for your child's graduation!

Celebrate his achievement in style!

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