Wednesday 10 April 2013

Best Pirate Party Ideas for Kids

It’s time for some great Pirate Festivals in USA. Kids usually are fascinated by Pirates and love to imitate them. I have many of my friends who are reluctant to take their kids to Pirate Festivals thinking that it might not be good for them. And due to this Kids miss out all the fun of these Pirate Festivals. This year, I planned to host a Pirate Party for all the kids in my neighborhood and kids of my family & friends in town. I have always loved hosting parties and hosting a party for kids is always fun and exciting.

As, this will be a party for kids of different age groups, I have to be sure that it caters to all the party needs! Having a pirate party is not a difficult task, you get all the party decorations from online, and you just have to pick the best ones for your party. And here are some of the best ones I picked for my party.


The best way to tell your guests about the theme of Party is by sending Invitation Card going with your Party theme. I found these Pirate Theme Invitation cards for my Kids Pirate Party giving me Pirate Feel for my party.

Pirate Party Decorations:


Kids love Piñata’s filled with lot of Goodies and eagerly await when will someone break them and they can have their candies. I found this cute little Pirate Piñata for my Party. Which I will fill with candies for the little Pirates attending the party.


For a kid’s party, balloons are important. No decoration is complete without Balloons. I found these two Foil Balloons for my Kiddies Pirate Party. And I plan to buy equal quantity of these Foil Balloons, so I can tie them in different corners of my house to turn my house to a Pirate’s den. 


Add a bit more to your party area with this Pirate Ship Cutout. Place it either on your Dinning table in the middle of all the food items or in the play area. 

Pirate Party Tableware:

I wanted to go simple with the tableware I wanted for my party. As I always suggest look for Party kits which go with your Party Theme. They reduce the hassle you have to go through finding cups & plates online or in stores! I found this amazing Pirate Party Kit Pack which includes: 8 invitations, dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, forks, spoons, 16 napkins, solid-color table cover, foil balloon, 12 balloons (2 colors), curling ribbon (2 colors), crepe paper rolls (2 colors), and cake candles. Standard Pack for 16 includes: 16 invitations, dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, forks, spoons, 32 napkins, solid-color table cover, foil balloon, 12 balloons (2 colors), curling ribbon (2 colors), crepe paper rolls (2 colors), and cake candles.


I was much tensed as what to include in my Party Favor boxes for kids. I tried many things but the party favor box was not coming out to be as I wanted it to be. So I found this Pirate Party Favor Box which is in the shape of a treasure box and includes a Pirates sticker sheet, a pirate wristband, eye patch, 2 tattoos, toy telescope, blowout, rubber ring and 30 golden coins. This box has everything I wanted in my party favor boxes.

Kids Parties can be very boring if you don’t have any playful activities for them. Here is a list of some great kid’s activities that you can conduct to for those little Pirates.

1. Tattoo Corner: Kids love getting tattoos painted on their cheeks & hands. I asked one of my friends who has decent drawing to help me in this. Paint their hands / cheeks with those pirate ships and skull skins.

2. Treasure Hunt: Pirate party without treasure hunt is no fun at all. I drew a map citing that there is a treasure hidden somewhere. We decided to divide the kids into 2 groups of pirates to make the competition healthy. Guide them as to what the maps means and let them find the clues themselves  and see which team wins.

3.  Captain Hook's Pretzels. This was a fun one! You have 30 seconds to hook as many pretzels as you can. This is good for a wide range of ages. The young ones (ages 3-4) do just as well as the older ones (ages 7-8). If you don't have a hook, you can use a black cup with a candy cane sticking out the bottom.

4. Swab the Decks Relay. Divide into two teams, each team has 5 ping pong balls that they need to sweep over to the other side and back. I spray painted one set of balls gold so they didn't get mixed up.

So, I am all set for my Pirate Party with those little Pirates! 

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