Monday 7 January 2013

Best Mardi Gras Party Ideas

It’s time to get the good times rolling – Mardi Gras is just few days to go! Time to get out your best & colorful outfits, your lovely feather Masks & get ready for the Party or attend the Parade. Most of my friends are planning to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras Parade but I prefer staying here and celebrating “Fat Tuesday” with my friends by throwing them an amazing party every Mardi Gras. And I know most of you will be planning your Mardi Gras Parties and will be confused. So, here I am to help all my lovely followers and friends to plan their Mardi Gras Parties.

Mardi Gras Decorations Ideas:

Mardi Gras celebrations are full of bright, vibrant colors. Incorporate Mardi Gras colors like green, purple, gold, and silver throughout your party’s decorations. Get the feel of Mardi Gras at your own place.


Let your Friends get the Parade feel this Mardi Gras with this Mardi Gras Scene Kit. Easy to put up on your wall is a perfect scene kit you buy for this carnival season to give your place a carnival lift up. I will suggest going in for a Scene Kit rather than looking for individual elements of a Scene Kit as it will save your time and money.

 This Scene Kit includes (1) Mardi Gras Balcony Backdrop (approximately 4' high x 30' wide), (1) Mardi Gras Brick Wall & Street Backdrop (approximately 4' high x 30' wide), (1) Mardi Gras Decor & Street Light Props Add-Ons (21 count), Mardi Gras Reveler Props Add-Ons (18 count), (1) Mardi Gras Float Props Add-Ons, (1) Mardi Gras Confetti & Serpentine Border (approximately 22ΓÇ¥ high x 30ΓÇÖ wide), (1) Mardi Gras Beads Peel N Place.


I found this bright colored Foil Fringe Drapes to decorate my walls and doors for the Mardi Gras Party I will be hosting at my place. It will add colors to your white walls and set you and your guests in cheerful mood.


Decorate your party place with bright Mardi colors-Green, Purple & Yellow with this Decorating Kit. This Kit includes
(1) Package of 6 Regal Purple 12" Latex Balloons, 
(1) Package of 6 Yellow 11" Latex Balloons, 
(1) Package of 6 Deep Jade 12" Latex Balloons, 
(1) Royal Purple Crepe Streamer - 81', 
(1) Buttercup Yellow Crepe Streamer - 81',
(1) Holiday Green Crepe Streamer - 81',
(1) Purple Curling Ribbon - 50', 
(1) Daffodil Curling Ribbon - 50', 
(1) Green Curling Ribbon - 50'


Welcome your guests to the Party area with this colorful Door Panel. Hang it on your main door to welcome them to the “fun-filled Carnival Party”. This beautiful Mardi Gras Door/Wall Panel is just the right touch for your "Fat Tuesday" Party. Plastic Panel has a colorful Harlequin dressed up in gold, green and purple standing next to a banner displaying the words "Mardi Gras" on a background of green, purple and gold confetti and streamers. Panel also comes with a white plastic dowel and gold cord for easy installation.


If you don’t want to go in for Scene Kit, than this Harlequin Backdrop is going to be a perfect for your party giving you the Mardi Gras feel. Backdrop is measures 4' high x 30' wide. Made of lightweight plastic.


Bring a little bit of New Orleans to your home with these Mardi Gras Reveler Props & Add-Ons. Mardi Gras Reveler Wall Add-Ons includes 21 props printed on lightweight plastic. Mardi Gras Revelers Props include: (1) Female Jester - 25" high, (1) Male Jester - 25" high, (1) Male Stilt Walker - 41" high, (1) Female Stilt Walker - 42" high, (2) Banners - 27" wide, (12) Balcony Revelers: 9 - 17" wide, 3 - 18" wide.

Holographic Mardi Gras Mask 37" Foil Balloon

This colorful Holographic Mardi Gras Mask Foil Balloon is a perfect addition to your Mardi Gras Decorations.

You can also opt for this purple & round Bourbon Street 18" Foil Balloon (

You can also opt for this purple & round Bourbon Street 18" Foil Balloon ()


Set the mood for Mardi Gras in one package with this Ceiling Decorating Kit. This Kit includes (2) 36" foil swirls, (2) 24" foil swirls with attachments, (2) 4' string decorations, (2) 3' string decorations, (4) 12" foil cutouts, (3) 15" foil cutouts, (1) 9" foil cutout, (1) 5.75" cardboard cutout, (2) 10' foil fringe garlands (5 " wide), (2) 10' foil garlands (15" wide), plus 50' of string for hanging your decorations.

Mardi Gras Beads - Standard Party Pack: (


This standard Mardi Gras Party Pack is a saver! This Standard Party Pack includes 8 dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, forks, spoons, knives, 16 lunch napkins, and solid-color tablecover. Standard Pack for 16 includes: 16 dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, forks, spoons, knives, 32 lunch napkins, and solid-color tablecover. You won’t have to look for single product for your Mardi Gras Tableware.

Mardi Gars Favor's for Guests:


For my Girl-Friends who are always making “Style Statement” I picked up this beautiful Feather Fan Mardi Gras Beads.


For all the Kids coming to my Mardi Gras Party I bought Headbands as Kids love to wear Headbands. There are two types of Headbands that I found: One is shinny Jester Headband and the other is Mini Jester Headbands with feathers (and is more adorable).

Mardi Gras Beads:

Mardi Gras party is incomplete without Mardi Gras Beads. Welcome your guests be it Kids or Adults with these colorful Mardi Gras Beads. You can also use these Beads as an element of Decoration. Just stock them in a Plastic Cup (Green, Purple or Yellow) and put them in different corners of your Party area.


For all my lovely Ladies coming to my party, I bought this adorable Jester Hat Clip. 

Mardi Gras Masks:

Enjoy the Mardi Gras Party with beautiful Masks available online. Pick an assortment of Masks from which your Guests can pick!


If you are planning for a Mardi Gras Costume Party: Click Here

With these colorful masks, beads, any Mardi Gras celebration is sure to be a blast. Add some delicious Food and groovy music to make your Mardi Gras Party a success!

Have Fun!

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