Friday 8 June 2012

Best Party Ideas for Baby Shower

Are you the hostess for your Mom-to-be Friend? Confused about themes, arrangements? Are you almost on the nervous-breakdown thinking about how to go about the Baby Shower for your friend. Don't worry, you can make a check-list and go step by step for your Baby Shower Party!

Baby Shower Theme:

Theme's are important because they give your party a feel and direction. Don't try to force your idea on the Mother-to-be, keep her choice in mind. Ask her parents, husband, partners etc about what would she prefer. Don't forget its her day and its her who has to enjoy the day more than anyone else. Once your theme is decided, its easy to pick up the invitations, tableware, decorations, thank you cards, cakes and party favors.

Baby Shower Etiquette:

Though throwing a babyshower is honor and fun, but at the same time it is challenging and stressful. Baby shower is generally hosted by someone outside the family (friend, co-worker, aunt, etc), these days the trend is changing group of friends come together to plan and throw an amazing Baby Shower for their friends. Babyshower is generally thrown one or two months before the delivery of the Mommy-to-be.

Where Baby Shower will be held? Try choose a place which is warm, comfortable, homely. If you plan to have it in your own house, thats even great! It mainly depends on the budget one is having in his/her pocket.

Traditionally, only women were invited to the Baby Shower, but nowadays even men are invited. For a Mom-to-be Baby Shower is one important event before her Baby comes into this world. Check with the Guest of Honor  (mom-to-be) who to invite and who not. Remember, it's her party make sure you you invite everyone she wants at he Baby Shower. Also check with her if she wants to invite Men to her party or not.

These are the basic etiquette that make the base for any Baby Shower. Next step is choosing the THEME for Baby Shower.


Animal Theme-Baby Shower

Transform your party venue into small zoo with cute animals all around. Be it the Baby Shower Tableware, Baby Shower Decorations, Baby Shower Invitations, Baby Shower Cake everything should have those cute little elephants, giraffe, lion on the cake. Baby Shower Animal Theme Decorations are available on various online stores. Send your guests cute Invitations with Animal's on it. Use Cute Safari Theme Plates, Napkins, Centerpieces, balloons to decorate your Baby Shower venue. Ask, your guests to bring one Stuffed animal for the little one. Who, knows may be your this theme may inspire Mom-to-be to decorate little one's room with the same theme.


Queen of the Jungle Invitations                    King of the Jungle Invitations
(If its a GIRL)                                               (If its a BOY)

King of the Jungle InvitationQueen of the Jungle Invitation


King of the Jungle Letter Banner                         Queen of the Jungle Letter Banner
Live up the whole place with these cute Jungle Safari Theme Banners!. These banners are available both the "girl" and "boy" theme for your upcoming Baby Shower.

Baby Shower: King of the Jungle Letter Banner

  If its a BOY 

Baby Shower: of the Jungle Letter Banner

 If its a GIRL 

(If its a BOY)                                                          (If its a GIRL)

Decorate your table for the Baby Shower with these Blue and Pink Center pieces.

If kids are also invited to your Baby shower than using these cute animal balloons are a great Idea.

Baby Shower Jumbo Lion Balloon

Cute Animals Baby Shower Tableware:

If Its a Boy

Baby Shower Tableware
If Its a Girl

Here's one more cute Animal Theme Idea for those planning a Baby Shower:


Sweet Pea Baby Shower Theme is a great idea for Spring or Summer Baby Shower. Decorate your party venue with white and green balloons, steamers, table covers, roof hangings, spread little green confetti on the table! Turn the whole place GREEN, to welcome the Mom-to-Be.

Give your guests cute favor gifts in these cute Sweet Pea Favor Boxes. A memory they can carry with them after attending your Baby Shower.

Baby Shower: Sweet Pea Favor Boxes


If you are expecting twins these cute Green Sweet Pea Balloons are best to use as decoration in your party.

Baby Shower: Two Peas in a Pod Foil Balloon


Little boys love trains (or anything with wheels) and this delightful baby shower theme welcomes your little one in style! Carter’s Baby Boy baby shower design features a traditional blue and green train motif for boys and , with a striped border and sweet pale green ribbon and bow.

Carter's Baby Boy Table Decorating Kit

Baby Shower: Carter's Baby Boy 7' Letter Banner

Carter's Baby Boy Foil Balloon:

                                       Baby Shower:Carter's Baby Boy 18" Foil Balloon

Baby Boy Carter's Tableware

Baby Shower: Carter's Baby Boy Invitations

Carter's Girl Baby Shower Theme

Pastel colors, floral designs, butterfly motif; Our Carter's Baby Girl Shower Decorations and party supplies are as sweet as can be. The vibrant and cute color palette will be the first thing your guests will  notice. From Invitations to Thank You cards to wall hangings and tableware we have all this in our Cute Carter's Baby Girl Shower Party Supplies Collection. Look at the below suggestions to make this Baby Shower a memorable for the mom-to-be!

Baby Shower: Carter's Baby Girl Table Decorating Set

Carter's Baby Girl Letter Banner

Carter's Baby Girl Foil Balloon

Carter's Baby Girl Tableware

Carter's Baby Girl Thank-You Notes

The stroller baby shower theme is popular modern theme. With classic pram style stroller this theme can be used for both Boy, girl or surprise. The black stroller design that is featured on the plates gives these baby shower supplies a touch of elegance and modernity that is not normally found in baby shower designs. the Stroller Fun Shower Theme is bright, sunny, and truly FUN! 

Stroller Fun Centerpiece

Stroller Fun 18" Foil Balloon

Stroller Fun Tableware

These were some of my favorite Baby-Shower Theme's! So, get rolling, start planning your friend's Baby Shower with great enthusiasm and make her feel special welcoming the new one!

All the best.

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